10th Annual Havasu Tattoo Show

We’re bringing the debauchery each and every year


Can't say enough of how great this show is... Got me laid! I'll be back next year for sure!!

Tyler Byrne


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How DO I take Care of my tattoo?

KEEP IT CLEAN!!!! Gently wash do not scrub) with unscented antibacterial soap & water several times a day. DO NOT let anyone touch your new tattoo. Be careful not to let it come into contact with anything. Apply a VERY thin coat of  Aquaphor for the first 3-4 days. DO NOT overdo this. You can clog your pores & the tattoo will not be able to “breathe”. Let it air dry as much as possible. Use UNSCENTED lotion if it feels dry & itchy. Avoid being in the sun, hot tubs, chlorinated pools, tanning beds, saunas until completely healed. NEVER EVER pick at your tattoo.

How do I Register ?

Email us and we’ll get you the info!

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